The interior décor and details of your house is an inevitable investment that you ought to make. Features such as fireplaces make spaces more attractive and cosy to any room. While buying your fireplace, you need to shop for the best. Remember, you need to create your dream home, and therefore the aura should be perfect for your stay and a wow for every guest who visits. (


Fireplaces make a statement, and therefore you should also put your taste and preferences into consideration. Choose one that matches your furniture, fitting, and features style, and for sure, you will have every reason to smile once you light it. Remember, you are creating your dream home in reality, and this should be seen in every aspect of it. There are various options of style in the market you can consider, including vintage, contemporary, and antique perfect for your home. You can ignore the options on the market and do a DIY of your own if you have a sense of purpose in creating a perfect aura in your home. (

Close up of logs in gas fireplace

Different Types of Fireplace

You can buy a gas fireplace and have it installed by a gas registered engineer, or you could open up an old, existing fireplace in many older homes. If you have a newer home that has never had a fireplace of any kind then you can have electrical fireplaces fitted easily. The electrical fireplaces can be chosen and changed relatively easily, but should always be PAT tested by a qualified electrician.(


Depending on the type of fireplace you choose to install and the type of fuel you decide on means that prices vary considerably. Electrical fireplaces are known to be the cheapest alternative as they can be installed anywhere. Next would be gas fireplaces, with log burning fires or dual fuel burning stoves seeming heaftier in price. However, you cannot beat the feel and smell of a real fire and the running costs may proove cheaper in the long run if you are able to find a good source of logs or coals.